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JAM on the Marsh

JAM on the Marsh is a festival built around Kent’s magnificent Romney Marsh and its famous medieval churches. 

JAM on the Marsh 2014 brought a series of startling concerts and events to the Romney Marsh, featuring music, art, photography, theatre & poetry. From world-class music to a photography exhibition spanning the Marsh (literally!) and children’s events to a new theatre production.

Dates and events for JAM on the Marsh 2015 will be released shortly, so please check in again!

JAM on the Marsh works as an ‘umbrella organisation’. JAM promotes some of the concerts and events itself, but many are promoted by our partner network, publicized within the festival promotion. If you would like to bring an event to JAM on the Marsh - this could be any art form, not just music - you will need to fill in a short application form telling us about you and your event. Once you are in, you will create your event and, with our help, find a perfect venue for it. Being part of the festival will ensure that your event is part of JAM on the Marsh‘s festival brochure, and involved in the publicity and mailings to JAM’s database and media contacts.

You will be responsible for setting your event up and running it. You will keep any income from your event.  We will be available for help and advice leading up to, and during the festival. It is YOUR event within the festival, and your responsibility.

We really want to hear from you, to hear about your ideas and to have them as part of JAM on the Marsh!

To bring an event to JAM on the Marsh, please fill in and submit an online application form. Please click here for an application form.

For queries, please click contact us.