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Festival Bus Service

Throughout JAM on the Marsh, there will be a Festival Bus Service to most events. For just £1 return, the bus service will ferry people to and from the various venues, starting from Folkestone, with stops along the coast road to New Romney, before heading to the specific venue. Seats on this service must be booked in advance. To book your seat simply select the ticket option with the Festival Bus from the ticketing section at the bottom of each event page.

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JAM on the Marsh Bus Service

Festival Bus Timetables

3 pm Events:

Folkestone Bus Station13.3017.15
Sandgate Memorial13.3617.09
Seabrook The Fountain Pub13.4017.05
Hythe Red Lion Square13.5016.55
Hythe Palmarsh Avenue13.5516.50
Dymchurch High Street14.0316.42
St. Mary’s Bay Jefferstone Lane14.0816.37
New Romney Ship Hotel14.1516.30
Event Venue14.3016.15

7 pm Events:

Folkestone Bus Station17.3022.15
Sandgate Memorial17.3622.09
Seabrook The Fountain Pub17.4022.05
Hythe Red Lion Square17.5021.55
Hythe Palmarsh Avenue17.5521.50
Dymchurch High Street18.0321.42
St. Mary’s Bay Jefferstone Lane18.0821.37
New Romney Ship Hotel18.1521.30

7.30pm Fairfield:

Folkestone Bus Station18.0022.30
Sandgate Memorial18.0622.24
Seabrook The Fountain Pub18.1022.20
Hythe Red Lion Square18.2022.10
Hythe Palmarsh Avenue18.2522.05
Dymchurch High Street18.3321.57
St. Mary’s Bay Jefferstone Lane18.3821.52
New Romney Ship Hotel18.4521.45
Event Venue19.0021.30

7.30pm Hythe:

New Romney Ship Hotel18.2522.05
St. Mary’s Bay Jefferstone Lane18.3221.58
Dymchurch High Street18.3721.53
Hythe Palmarsh Avenue18.4521.45
Hythe Red Lion Square18.5021.40
St Leonard’s Church19.0021.30


Folkestone Bus Station18.4223.15
Sandgate Memorial18.4823.09
Seabrook The Fountain Pub18.5223.05
Hythe Red Lion Square19.0222.55
Hythe Palmarsh Avenue19.0722.50
Dymchurch High Street19.1522.42
St. Mary’s Bay Jefferstone Lane19.2022.37
New Romney Ship Hotel19.2722.30
Event Venue19.3022.15